Philip Milano works for a technology company during the day and enjoys exploring more remote areas of the world in his spare time. He’s passionate about learning from individuals he meets along the way, submersing himself into their way of life, listening to both what motivates them and their personal challenges or struggles.

Philip strives to capture moments through visual storytelling with a focus on underrepresented groups and social injustice. His travels have brought him to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America - covering events in over 40 countries, over the past 20+ years. His diverse skill-set and personal approach have allowed him to photograph a range of subjects - from the harrowing struggles for freedom from Tibetan monks in Lhasa, those striving for better education opportunities in Tanzania, the unparalleled energy of Carnival in Brazil, or the passionate chants from protestors on the streets in New York City.

For additional information, please contact Philip via the contact link below or his Instagram page, @philipmilano.